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Of Course I Love You Bokkie
I Only Smaak You Dik
You Cook And Clean And Iron My Shirts
And Look After Me When I'm Sick

So Your Bum Is Only Big Hey
But I Don't Mind A Bit Of Flab
It Means That When I'm Lekker Jags
There's Somethin There To Grab

So Your Belly Isn't Flat No More
I Tell You, I Don't Care
So Long As When I Druk You
I Can Get My Arms Round There

No Stukkie Who Is Your Age
Has Nice Round Perky Breasts
They Just Gave In To Gravity
But I Know You Did Yor Best

I'm Not Tuning K@k Now
I Never Tell You Lies
But I Think It's Lank Sexy
That You've Got Dimples On Your Thighs

I Swear On My Ouma's Grave Now
The Moment That We Met
I Said To All My Chinas
"Now That's A Lekker Slet"

So No Matter What You Look Like
I'll Always Love You Dear
Now Shut Up While The Rugby's On
And Fetch Me Another Beer!

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