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  • Queen Victoria's wedding cake was three yards wide and weighed 300 pounds.
  • Legend says single women will dream of their future husbands if they sleep with a slice of groom's cake under their pillows.
  • Queen Elizabeth II had 12 wedding cakes. The one she cut at her wedding was nine feet tall and weighed 500 pounds.
  • The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome where revelers broke a loaf of bread over a bride's head for fertility's sake.
  • The custom of tiered cakes emerged from a game where the bride and groom attempted to kiss over an ever-higher cake without knocking it over.
  • Much like the modern tradition of feeding wedding cake to one's spouse, in ancient Rome, couples pledged their unity by sharing food. Today a Japanese bride and groom drink sake together, Jewish couples drink from the same cup of consecrated wine, and Muslim couples eat from the same piece of candy.
  • A wedding cake is traditionally a symbol of good luck and fertility and has been a part of wedding celebrations since Roman times, when a small bun, symbolizing fertility, was broken above the bride's head at the close of the ceremony. During the Middle Ages, custom required the bride and groom to kiss over small cakes.

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